Networking with Niamh

Networking with Niamh

One Woman's Journey to Freedom with a Home Business

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Why I’ve Been Quiet….

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve gone very quiet the last few months. Apart from sharing some Youtube videos here, I Continue Reading

Stay at Home Mom vs Working Mom: 3 Factors to Decide Which is Right for You

When you decide to become a parent you are faced with this question: should you be a stay at home mom or a working mom?

Regardless of what the rest of society might say, what is right for you and your family is deeply personal. However, the three factors outlined in this video may help you make that decision for yourself.

How to Create New Habits and Rewire Your Brain with Immersion

Many people struggle with the “slow but steady” method to changing habits. It’s because you are not just fighting habit, you are actually fighting the wiring in your brain, which is designed to help you continue to do what you have always done.
I’ve used the immersion method many times to help me get rid of bad habits, add new ones, all while rewiring my brain quickly!

Why You Can’t Figure Out What To Do With Your Life, And What To Do About It!

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet been able to figure out what to do with your life. This may be because you are trying to use one thing to give you everything: fulfillment, income, etc.

What’s Wrong With My System! What I DON’T Like About My Internet Marketing System

People always want to know the flaws of my internet marketing system because it sounds too good to be true.
The truth is, it DOES have flaws, of course it does! Everything has flaws.
In this video I share with you the things I DON’T like about my internet marketing system.
This should clear some stuff up and let you make a truly informed decision.

How to Make Money Online – Good Advice – 4 Tips to Work From Home

Learn how to make money online in a powerful leveraged way. Learn More: Start Making Money online by systematizing Continue Reading

Stay at Home Mom Routine: How to Have Structure AND Freedom

Stay at Home Mom Routine: Coming up with my routine as a stay at home mom proved to be a lot more challenging than I expected! Not only was it difficult to get my kids onto a solid routine, I found that there was always something that needed to be done and I didn’t have a lot of freedom to do what I wanted to do.
It only in the last three years that I’ve truly discovered the balanced stay at home mom routine. One that provides us a structure to work within, but also creates plenty of space for freedom, spontaneity and family fun!
I hope this helps you!

Getting Mixed Messages About Home Business? That’s a GOOD Thing!

I used to get totally frustrated by all the mixed and different messages online about how to build a home business. I was hearing something new and different each and every week.

It was frustrating.

That’s until I realized it was a great thing, and the mixed messages gave me the freedom to build a business in a way that completely suited me!

Top 10 Home Based Businesses (2015)

The top 10 home based business for 2015 are ones I’m very familiar with. I have spent several years working at home exclusively as an online entrepreneur and have had a lot of experience with many businesses (some more successful than others).